Creating a list of Business Ideas

Creating a list of Business Ideas

Coming up with a list of business ideas is one of the easiest steps in creating your side business.

Business ideas can hit you at any moment. When they do, make a point to write them down or store them in your smart phone.

After I thumbed through my running list of business ideas I decided that I would create one from scratch. None of my current ideas got me excited and I think showcasing one of the ways I come up with ideas will be beneficial for you!

Creating a list of business ideas can be completed many different many ways. Today I am going to share how I came up with a list of business ideas for the Public Side Business Project. I call this method, “List Five”.

How to Create a List of Business Ideas

1. Create the “List Five” Template.

Your List Five Template will include Five Columns. Each column will have a title.

Column One – Title: “Know”
Column Two – Title: “Love”
Column Three – Title: “Interests”
Column Four – Title: “People Ask Me…”
Column Five – Title: “Hate”


2. Fill Out The Template

Spend roughly five to ten minutes filling up the columns as best you can. Don’t think about whether each item will make a good business.

In the first column (“Know”), write anything you think you know a lot about.

In the second column (“Love”), write anything you love or are passionate about.

In the third column (“People Ask Me…”), write anything people ask you about on a regular basis. Also include topics that people come to you for advice.

In the fourth column (“Hate”), list the things that you hate! No matter how silly they may be.

Remember, don’t think too hard, just start listing!

Don’t feel obligated to fill up all the spaces. If you run out of space, just keep writing. You should continue until you feel as though you are struggling to come up with items for the columns.

3. Shorten The List

Once you have your list, get rid of the ones that don’t excite you! This will probably be the most difficult part. If you aren’t sure whether or not you should keep an item on the list – leave it! You can always get rid of it later.

You will need to listen to your gut on this one.


4. Rewrite New List

Once you shorten your list, rewrite it with the remaining items.

5. Shorten The List (Again)

Review each item. When you do, see if there are any products or services you think people would need that are related to the item. If you can’t come up with any – then scratch it off the list. Do this for each item and rewrite your list again.

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